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We are professional divers who have enjoyed diving in the Red Sea for many years, and want to share this delight with you. Lighthouse Divecenter will help you in this. We opened in August 2000 in the beautiful town of Dahab (Sinai Peninsula). If you’re not a diver, the pleasant climate and good diving conditions are excellent opportunities to learn the basics of scuba diving in the Red Sea. We offer pretty much every course you can imagine, guided diving, safaris by boat, jeep and even camel! We aim to provide excellent service to you and to make sure your trip is as relaxing, fun packed, and as great value for money as you would wish. We welcome both individuals and groups.


Our staff will share their passion with you, to help you get the best out of your holiday. We are:

Michael Gehry
As a PADI diving instructor, with more the ten years experience in Egypt, he became the manager of Lighthouse DC in 2018. He knows very well both the underwater and the land part of the South Sinai. Photography, snorkelling, marine biology and protection of the reefs plays an important role in his life. In the evenings he is fain to play backgammon or smoke shisha. If he has some free time, he likes hiking in the high mountains nearby.
Favorite dive sites: Gabr el Bint, Abu Talha, Lighthouse Reef.
Languages: Slovakian, German, English. Birthday: Oct 11


Zsuzsanna Izso (Suzie) – Counter since 2009. She is responsible for organizing the transfers, diving plans, administration and excursions, and making sure things go smoothly. She is always available in the counter to help you if you have any questions. Suzy loves hiking and Texas Hold’em Poker, playing when she can in her free time. She enjoys karaoke, and always takes part in the singing.
Favorite Goodies: Hungarian Palinka and Tequila.
Languages: Hungarian, English, French.
Birthday: December 2



Frequently asked questions

  • The staff includes 12 people (1 p. the manager, 1 p. counter, 2 ps. dive guides / instructors, 1 ps. mechanics, 1 p. security, 2 p. cleaning, 2ps. cooks, 2ps. barman's).

  • For information about flight tickets click on the email link sales@dahabdive.com and write to us.

  • During our week-long safaris you can complete as many as 20-22 dives, because you can dive at dawn or at night beside the daily three-schedule

  • You can rent scuba diving equipment, but for the proper size, you need to dispose in advance Please review our price list.

  • Absolutely. There is fresh water which is constantly re-supplied by de-salting water cleaning system.

  • You learn the basics you need to dive under the direct supervision of a PADI Professional. One thing you’ll learn is that you really can breathe underwater and whether you like doing that or not. You will: Take the plunge with PADILearn what wearing scuba equipment feels like and how easy it is to move around underwater while wearing it. Find out what it’s like to breathe underwater and learn whether you can be comfortable there. Learn some basic skills and safety rules that will carry over to your full scuba certification course when you take the next step.

  • As a certified PADI Open Water Diver, the most widely recognized and respected rating in the world, you have the freedom to dive with a buddy independent of a professional. If you already tried a PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience or are PADI Scuba Diver certified, check with your instructor to see how credit from these courses may apply to the open water program.

  • To take this course, you must be: A PADI Open Water Diver (or qualifying certification from another training organization) 15 years old (12 for Junior Advanced Open Water Diver)

  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (or qualifying certification from another organisation) be a minimum age: 15 years old (12 for PADI Junior Rescue Diver) and have successfully completed a sanctioned CPR program within the past 24 months.

  • Most of our staff are European and can speak English, Hungarian, Slovak, German or French.